Airbridge at Seafood Expo Global 2024: Opening New Roads in Global Trade

Airbridge’s participation in Seafood Expo Global 2024 gave us the opportunity to discover the new trends and challenges of the international trade of seafood products. In this context, the role of the Freight Forwarder becomes fundamental in facilitating the trade and consumption of these products around the world.

During the event, AirBridge had the opportunity to visit the ProChile Stand and meet the main Chilean exporters of maritime products who seek to expand into new markets with a native and highest-quality offer. On the other hand, AirBridge had the privilege of establishing commercial relationships with traders, brokers, exporters, and importers from all over the world with the aim of ensuring the transportation of their goods efficiently and safely.

Seafood Expo Global 2024 was an inspiring experience, during which we were called as an organization to develop new internal processes, services, and capabilities. At Airbridge, our mission is to become the main Freight Forwarder of seafood products in Chile and expand to new borders to be an active part of the new challenges of global trade.